Blog Entry No. 3

January 7, 2017; Saturday

The clock hit midnight and BOOM! firecrackers replaced the stars as it lit up the night sky, people screaming for joy welcoming a new chapter to life. The year 2016 finally came to an end and a whole new page had started, with all of the lessons and memories shared
from the past 365 days.

People start making resolutions or as what the millennial calls it #GOALS or #Life Goals, for a tradition of a ‘New Year, New you’ thing. Mostly, people with less convictions last for up to two (2) months tops. Started as a fighter and with 2 or 3 cheat days or lazy days became a week then to a month, into the rest of the year and regrets by Christmas Eve. Funny how a silly one day can change your perceptions for the rest of the momentum.
But to those people who persevere never thought of a cheat day or a lazy day is necessary, because for you to change it’s like “Do what you have to do now and Do what you want later” more like a make it or break it kinda thing. To reach the full length of your capacity is to push yourself and not by other people. Motivate yourself, a dream will only remain a dream if you won’t work for it. As my favorite vlogger would say, Wil Dasovich — “Good things come to those who HUSTLE”, work for it and everything will be in place little by little.

If you want to travel? Then go ahead. Save money and book a trip, travel to where your heart’s desire. Be lost to the wonders of the world and see God’s amazing art work. Find new places, and just be spontaneous. Conquer one place to another, may it be with your friends or alone — either way you’re doing what you want to do. If you want to lose weight? Do the squats and move. One routine at a time, discover your body’s capabilities. One step at a time until you’re out of your comfort zone. Run to where you finally feel good about yourself. Eating right and stay grounded and never let a single cheat day bring your lazy ass back. If you want to be successful? Work — success is not gonna knock on your door one day and shout SURPRISE!!!, successful people grind everyday to be where they are today. Success is not a one way path, it’s full of bulky roads of failures and challenges. Different routes but there’s only one thing in common is that they get up and fight until they reach their work’s worth. This may sound harsh but it’s a worth price to pay to get your dreams to reality.

Of course, all the grind will be meaningless if you just do it for the hell of it or if you’re really in to something else and / or even because everybody does that — that won’t work,
that’s literally every reason why resolutions fail. Do what makes you happy, if you’re not happy — you must be doing it wrong. Do it all for the right reasons, it’s not all about revenge or to have something to boast. Character is always the key to keep what you are working for. Life is too short to keep an eye on your competitors or enemies, enjoy every bits of life. It may be harsh at times but hell yeah, every challenge is worth fighting. As you walk every page of life, you will meet new people — some may leave but the right ones will stay.  People who leaves only means that they where there to paint temporary pictures in our lives but to those who stay they are part of the whole canvas.

This post is not only intended for those who needed the push or the motivation, it’s also for me to take. All of us are a work in progress, there’s always room for improvements and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all need that something to make us realize our stand in life. Writing this blog makes me realize that sitting in the corner takes me to nowhere but to where I am exactly at — at the corner. Silly it may sound but it’s true; we need to move to see progress because time is not gonna stop and make you move. It’s live by the moment and not sit by the moment.  😉

Get up and make that #GOALS a #SUCCESS.


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